Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in linguaphiles,

french/english translation question?

Hello, Linguaphiles! I'm looking for someone to help me out with a translation from French to English. I am thinking this may be a joke or idiom; despite thinking I understand the words, I am not sure I'm getting the sentence.
For reference, this is a caption of an image that looks like it was printed in an old magazine or newspaper. There is a man who looks somewhat dressed up (top hat, suit of some kind) in a field of (wheat I'm assuming) with a couple trees in the background, and a pile of clothes near his feet. The title of the image is Les Bons Bourgeois, and the caption reads: Un chapeau.....Deux chapeux.......Les malheureux seraient-ils alles se suicider dans les bles!
I am thinking this may be a joke on the french term for orgasm, but I'm not quite grasping the entirety...

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