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French: "j'avions"

EDIT: Question answered.

I have a French question coming from my grandmother. She's reading a novel (by Jean Giono) and she says it's relatively easy to read, execept for a few words here and there that aren't in her dictionary.

Today she asked me about the phrase "j'avions" which strikes her as odd. I don't know the context because she forgot to bring the book to me. I tried to google it but all I find is an old song by Anon called "J'avions reçu commandement", that has also been sung by various artists such as Yves Montand and more.

So I'd like to know, is it very odd to say "j'avions" instead of "j'avais" or is it dialectal or slang? (I don't think I've ever heard/seen it.) Could it be that the author is making an allusion to that song, and if so, is that song very well known? Would native French readers understand the reference? (if that is what it is.)
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