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Spanish Help Redux

OK, posted here a few days ago asking for help translating two small blurbs into Spanish. evalangui was kind enough to point out that maybe it would be better to post my own translation and ask for help correcting it.

...which I really hadn't wanted to do, because, as I told evalangui, I didn't want to jinx it. Spanish is my first language but I mostly only ever spoke it with my parents, who left Chile back in the 1970s. My Spanish, while fluent, is highly colloquial and about forty years out of date. I didn't want to post something and have people correct it enough to make it grammatically correct, but still quaintly colloquial.

It's like only ever having spoken English spoken long ago in a remote Scottish village, and having no clue that "Ah dinna ken" is not, in fact, Standard English ;)

Anyway, here's my stab at it. If anyone can help make this more Standard-ized, Spanish-wise, I would really appreciate it.

ETA: Oh! Almost forgot! I am absolutely not going to be defending anyone in Spanish. I couldn't; I'm in Canada, so courts operate only in English and French. So there's no danger of me having to write anything formal in Spanish; I just want potential Hispanic clients to know that I can understand them and speak to them in their own language. There's not a lot of Hispanic lawyers in Ottawa, despite a sizeable Spanish-speaking community.


I need to write two blurbs, one max. one sentence and one in short paragraphs. I'm fluent in Spanish, but have never taken a single Spanish course so my grasp of nuances in diction are not what I'd like. (eg. I wouldn't have a clue how to say, "Nuances in diction" in Spanish.)

Can I get help correcting my translations? It's supposed to be in workplace-formal but accessible language, to be read by people who are literate but not necessarily highly educated.

=========== SHORT BLURB ===========

I have experience dealing with criminal matters, and an interest in family law and immigration issues. Free consultation and notary public services offered.

Tengo experiencia con problemas penales, y me interesa la ley de familia e inmigración. Primery consulta gratis, y notarizacion y certificación de documentos.

=========== SHORT BLURB ===========

I have worked extensively with people in trouble with the law, helping them navigate the legal and correctional system. I also have experience helping people through issues of family breakdown and immigration.
I am fluent in English, Spanish and French.

He trabajado bastante con gente en problemas legales, ayudandolos a navegar el sistema penal. Tambien tengo experiencia ayudando a gente involucrada en problemas de familia o de inmigracion.
Hablo inglés, español y francés.


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