harlem (on_my_island) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hello everyone!

Hi this is a pretty rookie post so I hope no one is upset. Anyway, I've been out of school for a few years now and I am going back this fall. I'm excited but I feel like I've become dumber over the years.. Would anyone mind helping me this some questions? (You can point out whatever I've done wrong in the posts too if you'd like :P)

Learnt? I see people say it, but I also hear learned.. Which is correct? Or is there certain instances that each is used for?

Whilst? As in "Whilst I've taken English before blah blah .." okay is it more proper to use than while or?

Whom or Who.. ugh this one baffles me

John and I vs John and me etc that whole thing..

Wary? Weary? When people say "I'm weary of planes blah blah" which word is it?

Alright well I have a bunch more (like the perplexities of the semi-colon) but I feel very ashamed I've become so bad at English as it used to be my best subject. Well thank you all for reading, sorry for the stupidity and hopefully someone will be willing to give me some information! Thanks all!

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