Whodunnit? (oh_meow) wrote in linguaphiles,

Idioms about thieves

I'm looking for idioms in various languages to do with thieves. I'm doing an MA Illustration course, and each graduating exhibition group does an illustrated book with a set theme and a page by each student. Our theme this year is "thieves" and I was thinking of doing an illustration of an international get-together for cliche bank robbers with their conversation consisting of idioms about thieves or stealing in different languages. I already have some in Spanish and English. Anyone got some for other languages?

The text will be hand-drawn so it needs to be languages that use scripts I am literate in and can do a nice hand lettering job with. So that sadly means Chinese, Japanese using kanji, Arabic, Hebrew and various Indian languages are out as I don't know those scripts and will do a crappy out of proportion /plain old wrong job with if I try to do them. Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets are fine, as are hiragama and katakana.
Tags: fun, howdoyousay, idioms

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