NitroFieja (nitrofieja) wrote in linguaphiles,

Japanese help request

Could someone please have a look at these two sentences? I'm not sure if I understood them correctly.

1) ほら、わかるでしょう、男の人と女の人って、絶対に友達になれないじゃない? 本当に気安くなった時ってもう,恋じゃないじゃない、そういうんじゃなくて、しおりとはね、本当に仲良しだった。

Well, don't you know that a man and a woman can't be close friends? When they become really intimate/familiar with each other, it no longer isn't love, and that being the case, I was really close friends with Shiori.

2 )シダや恐竜が荒々しく生き生きとした色目にうつる、遠い昔のことのようにかすんだ画面としてしか思い出せなかった。

I could only remember that as hazy images from remote past, brutally attacking my eyes with the vivid colors of ferns or dinosaurs.

Also, does  気を許し合う  mean "to tolerate each other's moods"?


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