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How do you say jobsworth in different languages?

It means a minor member of staff who is totally inflexible about applying petty rules in an obstructive way. Like for instance a bureaucrat who refuses to give any information, because your form doesn't have a red AND blue stamp at the bottom, or a building caretaker who locks people into rooms because the rules say they have to be locked at 5pm.

I was wondering this because me & my boyfriend were discussing the annoying behaviour of the caretaker in our building who refuses to give out spare keys to people who are locked out if it's even slightly past 5pm, and the screen-printing technician at my university who tries to not allow illustration or design students to use the facilities because they are not enrolled on the printmaking programme, despite the fact that the illustation and design courses involve studying screen-printing. I asked my boyfriend what the term was in Spanish for this type of person, but nothing came to mind.
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