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Welsh newspaper report - Can anyone fine-tune this translation for me?

This is a newspaper report in Welsh from 1876. There may be some typos as the text has been OCR’d, but I have corrected the text to the original as best I can. The words ‘bailiff’ and ‘service’ are italicised in the original, so I’m guessing they really are the English words they appear to be.

This is for some family history background research so it doesn’t have to be perfect or even beautifully grammatical. It's Mrs Tarraway I am particularly interested in, so I would appreciate understanding exactly what the judge is saying about her. Is he really saying she isn’t to be believed? This doesn’t make sense given that he then throws the case out, having originally agreed to refer it upwards. Many thanks for any help!

Original Welsh Text

Y Ilys sirol.-Dydd Iau, o flaen y Barnwr Terrel. David Jones, r. E. H. Cheney. Achos oedd hwn am golledion ag oedd wedi eu gwneyd i gnydau yr achwynydd gan wningod yn ystod y flwyddyn ddiweddaf. Yr iawn a ofynid oedd 10p. 5s. Ym ddangosodd Mr. David Lloyd dros yr achwynydd, a gofynodd am i'r achos gael ei obirio hyd y cwrt nesaf, yr byn a ganiatawyd yn ebrwydd.

David James, r. Richard Northy Tarraway, ac A. A. Tarraway, ei wraig. Nwyfau wedi en gwerthu, 4p. 3s. Mr David Lloyd dros yr achwynydd. Ni ymddangosodd y diffynwyr. Dywedodd y bailiff iddo adael y wýs gyda y wraig, yr hon a'i hysbysodd fod ei phriod wedi ei gadael er's pedair blynedd yn ol, ac nad ydoedd wedi clywed oddi wrtho er hyny. Penderfynodd y barnwr fod y service ar Mr. Tarraway yn ddiffygiol; ac yr oedd yn dymuno rhoddi rhybudd i'r cyhoedd i beidio rhoddi coel i Mrs. Tarraway. Taflwyd yr achos allan.

Google Translate plus a few guesses

The sirol. a court-Thursday before Judge Terrel. David Jones, representing E. H. Cheney.

This was the case with losses to crops that had been done with the complainant by rabbits in the last year.The very ofynid was 10p. 5s.

Mr. David Lloyd appeared for the complainant, and asked for the case to be referred up to the next court, the request being granted immediately.

David James, representing Richard Northy Narraway, and A. A. Tarraway, his wife. Laurels after en sell, 4p. 3s.

Mr David Lloyd for the complainant. The Defendants did not appear. Bailiff said he left the summons with the wife, who informed him that her husband had left four years ago, and she had not heard from him since. The judge decided that the service upon Mr Tarraway was flawed, and he desires to give notice to the public not to give credence to Mrs. Tarraway. The case was thrown out.

(My sincere apologies for not responding to comments on my previous post: real life intervened shortly after and I wasn't able to take the time to think through what I wanted to say. I promise to do better this time.)

ETA: Amazingly, this post is already showing up on Google search, so for the benefit of others researching this family, I'll add in the normal spelling of Richard's name: Richard Northey Tarraway married Mrs Amelia Anna Mary Parsons, née Amelia Anna Mary Bell.
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