Г-н Фаршеклоакин (spamsink) wrote in linguaphiles,
Г-н Фаршеклоакин

Self-describing pangrams in various languages

You're probably familiar with the notion of a self-describing pangram, e.g. "two As, one B, one C, two Ds, thirty Es, five Fs, four Gs, eight Hs, eight Is, one J, one K, one L, one M, seventeen Ns, sixteen Os, one P, one Q, eight Rs, twenty one Ss, sixteen Ts, four Us, three Vs, four Ws, three Xs, three Ys, and one Z"

I've written a program that facilitates the search. Here's what I got for French ("la lettre B", hence "une B" - please correct me if I'm wrong; I'm not sure if French uses plural -s for individual letters? ):

Cette phrase ne contient que cinq a, une b, six c, cinq d, vingt-six e, quatre f, deux g, trois h, quatorze i, une j, une k, une l, une m, dix-neuf n, cinq o, quatre p, neuf q, sept r, huit s, quinze t, dix-neuf u, deux v, une w, sept x, une y, et trois z.
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