and better times are coming still. (13chapters) wrote in linguaphiles,
and better times are coming still.

Studying one language that's related to another language you already know.

I've decided to be more serious about my occasional attempts to learn Russian. I have taken it in school, but continuing formal study isn't really an option at the moment, so I'm just going to self-study.

This probably doesn't really count as a problem, but I already speak Bulgarian (FWIW, I'm a native English speaker), and I find that it both helps and hinders my Russian. I can definitely read Russian a lot better than you would expect from someone without a lot of schooling in it, but I also find myself confusing the two and being overly dependent on cognates (which sometimes leads to, uh, super wrong and hilarious result when the cognates turn out to be false). But basically, my ability to understand Russian is much, much, much better than my ability to express myself, and I'm not quite sure of how to correct this imbalance.

I'm sure that some people in this comm have dealt with this issue before and was wondering if anyone had any tips for how to learn a language without letting a related language interfere too much.

Tags: learning languages, russian, slavic

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