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Help with Korean and Hangul

So there is a lyric from a Bigbang song, Wings, that I would very much like to have a tattoo of. I felt that it would be excellent to have it in Hangul along with the English translation (it would be going along the side of my forearm, and just the English wouldn't look right in size). Except... I have no idea how to actually figure out which part it is.

Here is the actual song, performed live: http://youtu.be/qY3_tBJqMKU

And here are the two best pages of lyrics that I could find. One has the English translation and the romanized lyrics, the other (which is a horribly ugly page) has the romanization and the lyrics in hangul.


http://bamsaranghaee.blogspot.com/2012/04/big-bang-wings-daesung-solo.html (a song will start playing in an app)

The line I want is what is translated as 'I'll be your wings', that's in the second to last batch of lyrics (I'm afraid I have no idea how to talk about song structure).

(I have become a horrible Bigbang fan. I already wanted the 'love LOVE love CHANGE love HATE love DUST' line on my opposite arm, but when I actually really figured out what Wings was about I had a moment of I MUST HAVE. Oh, identifying with songs.)

EDIT: Because I forget to include the links I meant to include.
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