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Mandarin translation help requested

Hello all! I'm working on a not-for-profit story in which I'm trying to accurately represent Chinese people, culture, and language. After having a number of Chinese betas and still being told that I'm "not getting it right" I was recommended to come here and see if anyone could help me. :)

I have some dialog that I need to have translated for my current chapter and am hoping that someone can help me turn this English into pinyin Mandarin. I will probably go back through the story as well to have the current translations I've used thus far vetted.

Many thanks in advance for your help! :)

Some of these are probably pretty straightforward, but if you need to tweak the English to make the translation logical, that's fine, just let me know. :) Apparently I should also note that this is for a fantasy story and while some of the dialog is a bit melodramatic, it seemed appropriate for the context. Again, many thanks in advance for your help.

1. “Where is he?”

2. “We don’t know, General.”

3. “How can you not know where he is? Call him. He must come.”

4. “We have, General, but Liang has yet to return.”

5. “Fine. I will call him. And when he comes I will let him feast on you as reward for your incompetence.”
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