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German speakers, please

I'm making some plans to study in Germany. On the website for the university in Munich, they have a page explaining the language requirements with a section for non-EU citizens (that's me), and I'm not *entirely* sure of what it's saying:

"Für die Bewerbung um ein zulassungsfreies Fach muss die aktuelle Teilnahme eines Intensivdeutschkurses  nachgewiesen werden, mindestens auf der Niveaustufe B2 des europäischen Referenzrahmens (Achtung: Ohne diesen Nachweis wird Ihr Antrag abgelehnt!). Dieser Nachweis bestätigt den Ausbildungsstand, wenn die Sprachprüfung DSH erst noch abzulegen ist. Ein Universitätsstudium der deutschen Sprache im Ausland gilt nicht als Nachweis der Prüfung."

I sent an email to the university to ask for clarification, but they were zero help. If you have, for example, a TestDaF certificate proving that you know German on a certain level, you don't have to take the DSH. So I'm assuming that, if you don't have to take the DSH, you don't need to be in an intensive German course. But the text doesn't say that specifically, and I don't want to assume because this is a really important process, and I would hate to not be accepted because I made a false assumption. 

Now that I'm looking over the page again, I think I'm understanding it right, but what do you guys think?
Here's the link to the page for context: http://www.uni-muenchen.de/studium/studium_int/studium_lmu/bewerbung/20_dt_nachw/index.html
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