Kitty (cattiechaos) wrote in linguaphiles,

Do these words exist?

I was watching a comedy show by Adam Hills and he mentioned that he has three favorite words in the German language: Schadenfreude, Backpfeiffengesicht, and Scheissenbedauern. I'm quite familiar with Schadenfreude but I have never heard of the other words, which may be regional. (I'm not sure if I spelled those words properly.) Can anyone confirm? He defined Backpfeiffengesicht as "a face that is crying out to have a fist in it" and Scheissenbedauren as "shit regret, or when something is not as bad as you thought it would be". Are these words real or did he maybe make them up for his sketch?

Switching gears to Italian, I heard a curse word the other day that is supposed to translate to "holy sh**", but no matter how I spell it, I can't find it. It sounded like "parle cuattrol"? Does anyone know? (Sorry if I butchered that beyond recognition, I'm not too familiar with Italian.)
Tags: german, italian

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