viciousdisorder (viciousdisorder) wrote in linguaphiles,

Add an "r" to a noun and make an adjective.

So, this has bugged me for a little while, but I'm wondering if anyone can think of examples in English where by "r" is added to the end of a noun, and the resulting word becomes an adjective.

The one example I have seen specifically is cochlea (the inner ear bit that looks like a snail shell), and cochlear (as in the implant or when you describe a hearing loss that originates at the cochlea).

It might be because this is a loan word to English - although I'm not sure where from originally - but given English's tendency to borrow multiple words from any other language it seems odd to me that I can't think of even one other example. Table/tabular comes close... But it's not exactly the same rule...Can anyone give me any more examples in English?

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