Andrea (jodete) wrote in linguaphiles,

Clueless about cases

Hi guys, I have a bit of a language learning predicament right now. I have taken French and Russian lessons in the past and have done horribly in them and not learned a thing. Right now I'm trying to learn German and I really don't want to screw this up like I did with the others. I've had it with classroom learning so I'm trying out a mix of methods. I have one very, very big problem though which I'm pretty sure is what stopped me learning the other languages I attempted; I don't understand cases. I never learned them. In my other attempts to learn languages the instuctor just seemed to assume that everyone knew what subjective and genitive cases and I was too embarassed to say that I didn't and that was the point I just gave up at each time. Anyway, I have an iPhone app with German lessons and I've been enjoying it so far, only just now it's started giving me examples of cases without actually telling me what they are and I don't want to give up again.

So basically my question is does anyone know of any resources that can help a clueless English speaker figure out what "genitive", "accusative", etc actually mean so I know what I'm actually learning? Or just advice in gerneral?

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