at least 10% Discocunt (biascut) wrote in linguaphiles,
at least 10% Discocunt

Colour names in other languages

Hello all - a slightly silly request but linguaphiles are the perfect people to help -

I'm creating some fake CVs for a workshop with students. They're all named after colours, Cluedo-stylee, so so far I've got James Mustard, Susan Scarlet, Giuseppe Verdi, Elena Azure and Jason Orange.

However, it's pretty rare for me to have a roomful of students with Anglo and Western European names, and I'd like to reflect that. Any suggestions for colour names which might crack up students from outside Europe or British Asian or African students?

Any class of 20 will probably have half a dozen Muslim students (British Muslims and students from outside Europe), a handful of Chinese students, and a couple each of Indians, Eastern Europeans (mainly Bulgarian, but also Polish and Romanian) and students from the Middle East or West Africa (especially Nigeria). Not a problem if they aren't really likely to be used commonly as names (I've never met someone with the surname Scarlet!), but bonus points if they are. Suggested common first-names (Anglicised if that's likely) with suggested colour surnames would be great.

Thank you!

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