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English translation

Hi everyone. A friend of mind asked me to translate a letter in English.
Dear wonderful English-speaking people here! Could you please read it and answer the following questions:
1. Do you understand what it's about at all? :)
2. Are there any phrases or words that you would't choose to use as a native speaker? What would you say instead? 
3. Are there any stupid mistakes (sad to say, but quite possible there're)?

Dear L! How are you?

As an admirer of yours I think about your work as being not typical and meeting all modern web-design trends. That’s why I’ve got a
commercial offer for you in mind.

Since 2003 I work in web site development. In 2010 I started a company named ‘ABC’ and added web oriented software and applications for iOS and Android to the list of the products we provide. Today we work as a home market company , but are also interested in international partnership on terms of an outsource. Polish IT market analysis shows the cost effectiveness of such partnership. It’s cheaper to produce software in Ukraine than in Poland. And there’s a good opportunity to sell it abroad without any customs duties.

What would you say about rising friendship between our companies? Let me bring to your notice that iOS and Android applications development is the most promising and fast-evolving trend .Therefore our partnership in this area would be the most efficient. .

Best regard,

Thanks you for the time you spent reading it!
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