Sage of Winds (sagesoren) wrote in linguaphiles,
Sage of Winds

Different French Accents?

Okay! I have two things to ask about. We'll do the easier one first.

1. What are some sort of... average, non-descript "old-timer"-type French names? English names of this nature would be, like, "Norma Williams", "Bill Thompson", etc. Basically, the sorts of names that were common years and years ago, that elderly people now might have. I'm especially having a hard time with surnames, since I don't know what constitutes an average French last name. :[

Nothing fancy, please. The plainer the better.

2. Are there any country-folk dialects of French? (From France, please, as opposed to other French-speaking areas.) In English, someone who is supposed to be sort of a stereotypical country person might not have very good subject-verb agreement, for instance, but what sorts of things would a typical country-type person say in France?

I'm not coherent today, so I'm sorry if my questions are difficult to understand. Let me know if you need clarification!
Tags: dialects, french, names
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