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Love song generator

Yes, the title sounds cheesy, but this is actually nice to play with. Bodo Wartke (warning: site may play a welcome song, which includes a spelled-out URL) is a German comedian of the "classical" type who plays the piano, sings, and does all kinds of additional things (such as a full-length theater version of King Oedipus in which he plays fourteen parts all alone with a cuddly toy sphinx as his only colleague).

One of his songs, as seen above, is a love-song that is sung in many different languages, and as he can't always do all the requested ones in concert, there is a generator on the website where you can make your own version out of 88 languages, and you can even submit new lyrics in new languages for him to sing.

On the website top navigation, click "Liebesliedgenerator" (yes, that's an actual word), and then you will be able to switch the site language to English if you prefer that. You can just listen to the examples, or combine and save your own multi-lingual version by dragging to the bottom section.

Note: This is not another case of a (fake) polyglot, as he doesn't make any claims of knowing all the languages he uses, but relies on people to submit translations and recordings to learn from.

So, is your language included? How are the lyrics? As noted on the generator website, he takes submissions for additional languages.

(Tags include all the languages I identified in the video, may have mistakes with the ones he didn't name himself.)
Tags: cantonese, dutch, english, finnish, french, german, hindi, italian, japanese, klingon, mandarin, multiple languages, music, russian, spanish

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