helle_d (helle_d) wrote in linguaphiles,

Some Sindarin help?

I've been trying to translate the phrase 'Don't let the bastards grind you down' into Sindarin. So far, I've cobbled together 'be not opressed by the bastards', which I think is grammatical, but I have no idea about Sindarin syntax or whether there should be any mutations. Does it sound right? Can anyone think of a better phrasing? I used the dative preposition 'an', but all the attested uses seem to have it as 'to, for' rather than 'by' - does it work here?

"Avo no bauglannen an benedair"

My thinking was:
Avo - negative command
No - imp. of 'be
Bauglannen - past participle (singular)
An - dative marker
Benedair - plural? of ben-adar

(I promise this is not for a tattoo.)


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