di_glossia (di_glossia) wrote in linguaphiles,

Letters with Diacritics

There is a phenomenon common, even in professional papers, to English writing in which the author overlooks diacritics and essentially transcribes words into the English alphabet. For example, in this The Telegraph article on foreign words, Tantenverführer is spelled tantenverfuhrer. In this Turkish Food 101, çay is spelled cay. What I am wondering is whether this is limited to English writing, since English has very few words with diacritics, or if other languages make similar mistakes with diacritics that do not exist in those particular languages. Is this a matter of not recognizing the letter with diacritic as a separate letter from its English counterpart (similar to not "hearing" an unfamiliar sound) or is it willful ignorance?
Tags: diacritics, english

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