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Expat memoires

There are tons of English-language books that are sort of memoirs and/or cultural studies about the author's time in another country, usually trying to analyze/generalize the people of that country. I've seen tons of France-related ones like A Year in Provence and everything else by Peter Mayle, plus Immoveable Feast, A Year in the Merde, La Petite Anglaise, French Women Don't Get Fat, Why We Love France but Not The French, etc. The gist of most of those is that a British/North American/Australian author goes to France and discovers the culture, the people, the food, and ends up finding him/herself. My question is: have you read any books by French (or other expat) authors where the author goes to an English-speaking country and analyzes the culture in memoire format?

ETA: Sorry, this is more of a cultural than linguistic question. The language-related part is that I'm looking for book recommendations in French and Spanish, but I'm also curious to hear if memoires like this exist in other languages too!
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