crashthatragedy (crashthatragedy) wrote in linguaphiles,

French past tenses - Passé composé or Imparfait ...?

Hi guys! I'm new to the French language and I am having trouble differentiating between the passé composé and imparfait tenses. Is it possible for someone to explain when do you use which tense, in detail? For example, when writing a diary, or recounting certain events of the past, do you use passé composé or imparfait tense? Last question: is it true that passé composé is more commonly used? 

Thank you for all the help in advance! 

P.S.: If anyone would like to recommend helpful resources and guides that facilitated your learning of the French language, or any music, movies and podcasts, I would greatly appreciate that too. 
Tags: french, learning languages, movies, music, radio, recommendations, usage

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