Ami Ven (ami_ven) wrote in linguaphiles,
Ami Ven

Hispanic Culture/Language

Is 'Hispanic' the word I'm supposed to use anymore? I really don't mean to offend anyone...

I just started a new job at a plant where many of the other workers speak Spanish. When I introduced myself, I said, "My name is Katie". It's short for Catherine, and I pronounce it Kay-tee. Many of them heard 'kitty' (a small cat) and one of the guys keeps saying Kah-tee. Then I thought another asked, "Is it Kate?" (which I also answer to) but he meant 'cake'.

'Katie' is a pretty common English name- is it not so common in Spanish-speaking cultures? Could it be that I had a sore throat when I started work, and just wasn't speaking clearly? Or, are they just teasing me by pronouncing it that way? (Which is fine, because they're all really nice there).


EDIT: Thanks to those who've commented, but I don't actually want to make them say my name any one way, I was just wondering why they would pick the ways they did.
Tags: names, pronunciation, spanish

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