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IPA help with names - Lithuanian and ?Bangladeshi

I'm doing some ESOL teaching at the moment, and I thought it'd be a nice idea (& one that might help students get a bit of a grip on IPA) to give them out name-tags with their names on in IPA.

I can deal with most of them, but there are two I could do with some help on (please note that I'm only after a fairly broad transcription here).

One is a South Asian lady (?Bangladeshi) named Tasnia - I'm not sure that I'm pronouncing her name correctly, and she's too polite to tell me I'm getting it wrong.

The other is a Lithuanian chap who spells his name Grazvydas, although googling that name leads me to wonder whether it shouldn't actually be Gražvydas.

My current best guesses for these are something like [ˈtaznia] and [ˈgrɐʒʋiːdɐs], but I'd prefer to actually get them right!

IPA or X-SAMPA are fine; any help would be much appreciated.
Tags: bangladesh, ipa, lithuanian, names


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