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Norwegian language help

Hello, I'm here from little_details. I was told you folks might be able to help me with a small question:

I need help coming up with a couple of phrases.

First, the setting is the Klondike Gold Rush, on the trail north from
Dyea to the Chilkoot Pass, early winter, 1897. The speaker is an
18-year-old second-generation Norwegian-American, who grew up in a
logging camp (which I hope will give her a broader vocabulary than might
have been expected of a nice girl in her time and place) in western
Washington state. She grew up basically bilingual, speaking Norwegian at
home and English out in the world.

I need a nice set of cursewords for her to use when a tent falls on her,
and something nasty for her to call the gentleman whose fault that was.


Also, I would be grateful for more tips on speech tics a native Norwegian
speaker would have when speaking in English that won't make her sound
like a cliché or distract the reader. I've had some already, but anything
else would be useful.


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