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German Tweet

Can someone help me puzzle out this tweet? It's from a twenty-something Bavarian:

wir holen das in wien nächstes jahr in voller länge, mit schnapsküssen und vielen songs nach! sorry, aber ich kurier mich aus!!!

I understand that he's saying he is going to go party now and he will return to Vienna next year, but what exactly is he saying? This is what I have: "We'll catch up fully (at full length) next year in Vienna with drunken (?) kisses and many songs! sorry, but I'm curing myself." What are Schnapsküssen? I cannot find any mention of this compound noun anywhere, and I am beginning to think he made it up. Can anyone tell me what it might mean? Also, sich auskurieren means to cure yourself, correct? So, is he saying he will cure himself with partying and alcohol? Or is there some meaning I am missing?
Tags: german, notquiteatranslation, translation, translation request, translation&interpreting

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