Kitty (cattiechaos) wrote in linguaphiles,

Beware of possibly incoherency due to lack of sleep...

Two questions, really.

1) Which languages do you find most euphonious, and why?

I know this is a bit of a strange question to ask a community of linguaphiles, but I've noticed that languages get stereotyped just like people do. I've heard many people say that German sounds very harsh to them particularly because of the guttural "ch" sound. Likewise, I've heard people say that they love Italian because the emphasis on vowels make the speaker sound like they are singing, and of course, French is also known as the language of love.

I know that the type of languages a person finds sonically appealing will probably be based off their personal preferences - I myself find German to be a beautiful language. But then I had a Finnish friend of mine say that they disliked the Russian language because of her country's history with Russia. Does anyone feel the same way toward a language because of the relationship between that country and their own?

So, the tl;dr ramble hidden in this is: I want to know your opinion about the way different languages sound. I'm not trying to elevate/put down certain languages, but this thought wandered into my mind and I couldn't get rid of it.
Tags: linguistics, phonetics, phonology

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