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Mexican casual "youth?" speech

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for resources to practice listening to a very specific style of Spanish--marked by distinctive vocabulary and expressions, primarily. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it seems to be spoken by young people in Mexico (especially young men), not when they're necessarily trying to be rude, but definitely when they are not trying at all to be polite. In casual situations between friends and peers, I suppose? There is certainly a lot of profanity involved.

Some examples of this speaking style would be the way that the two main characters speak to eachother in the movie Y Tu Mamá También, or the speech of the main characters in episodes of Vete a la Versh (WARNING: pretty much none of the episodes are child or work safe and most are in some way offensive). I know there must be other shows or things where people speak this way, but I can't seem to find any. The Spanish in Mexican telenovelas that I've come across tends to be a lot more standardized.

I'm mostly looking for audio/visual resources, but textual ones (books, short stories, online fiction, etc) that portray this speaking style are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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