mamcu (mamculuna) wrote in linguaphiles,

It's a Bingo

A friend (a young German) asked me this question, and I hadn't seen the movie he refers to recently, so couldn't be sure about the context:

"About the "That`s a Bingo" Sentence; It is a quote from the Quentin Tarantino movie "Inglorious Basterds", where Christoph Waltz alias Colonel Heinz Landa is saying that at the end of the story to express his pleasure about the opportunistic deal he made with the Americans. And I was thinking that Tarantino by purpose gave him some strange Austrian semantical accent in that scene to emphasize the traiter figure. If my thesis, that "That`s a Bingo" isn`t a proper (American) English phrase, is correct, I'd like to know, because I am writing an academical article about this movie and I would be glad to use this example."

I have seen the phrase "It's a bingo!" used (for example, using all seven letters in Scrabble), but that movie played with time and culture a bit and I don't remember the scene well enough to speculate on how the phrase is used.

Any thoughts?

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