mad_troll (mad_troll) wrote in linguaphiles,

Clumsy turn of phrase is clumsy.

Hello all,
could someone please help me turn around this short text so that it isn't so...clunky? 

Not far from the X, in the little, quiet village of Y, lies our vineyard. Here you can
relax in K rooms and Z holiday units, cook in the dining room or on
the barbecue, make use of the Wi-Fi and then enjoy one of the many
local sport activities (Aing, Bing, Cing etc).

The "make use...activities" bit appears especially awkward to me, with my abilities, so I have no idea of how it would seem to a native -or fluent - speaker.

(As I'm being paid in cake for this - I offer to share the recipe)

Tags: english, writing

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