mks135 (mks135) wrote in linguaphiles,

French Modern Literature

Hello. I'm interested in learning French and I'd love to learn this language by reading books of modern French authors. In Russia it's very easy to find French novels in the Internet, but they are translated into Russian. I'd like to read them in French, but it's almost impossible to find and download them. If you know any links or you have some books on your computer, please send them to me (I'll give you my e-mail if it's necessary). I'm interested in books written by Beigbeder (Un roman francais, for example) or Anna Gavalda etc.
By the way, I mean only MODERN books because in my opinion it's useless and even harmful to learn a language by old classical books. The society had changed and nobody speaks French like Hugo, Simenon or Maupassant nowadays.
Thank you. Konstantin.
Tags: french, literature

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