pervy Vorlon fancier (pikku_gen) wrote in linguaphiles,
pervy Vorlon fancier

Turkish question

I'm a bad person wanting to use a language I don't know in a NaNoWriMo novel. But. I'd need a word in Turkish for "a creature, a being" with neutral or positive connotations, not "a monster" or "a beast". Google Translate gave me these variations:
alet olan kimse

Is any of them something I'm looking for? I've learned not to trust anything GT throws at me at a face value, because there are no connotations or context involved. (The being in question would be a benevolent alien, named by a Turkish woman, if it helps at all. And no, not all people in space speak English, thank you. ;) )
Tags: theremustbeawordforit, turkish

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