Kalevi (coranglaisman) wrote in linguaphiles,

A few Finnish questions

For all these questions, I'm mostly interested in standard Finnish and the Helsinki dialect since I'm going to be there in a couple months, but I'd gladly take answers specific to other dialects (especially Tampere).

ystävä vs. kaveri
So, I can tell that there's definitely a formal vs. informal divide between the two words. But what I don't know is when one would be more appropriate than the other. Would you reserve "ystävä" for true/close friends and "kaveri" for acquaintances and not-so-close friends? Or is there more to it than that?

I know that this is the word for "cell phone". But does anyone actually use this in daily speech, or is there a more colloquial/commonly-used word?

T-V distinction
If I remember right, Finnish has a T-V distinction. But I've heard that it's not always observed these days. Is that true? And if it isn't, who would you address with "te" and who would you address with "sinä"? Somehow it's not very clear to me, even though I feel like the answer isn't that far away from me...
Tags: colloquialisms, finnish

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