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Question Question!

Hello hello~

I'm new here.  I've got a question...and I hope it's okay to ask? ;;

I'm American, English is my primary language and I've been studying Japanese for the past 9 years in both Highschool and University settings. Because of my future educational plans, I'm learning Finnish (After that I'll eventually learn Swedish. Putting it off because Germanic languages are the true bane of my existence even though both of my parents are fluent in German) and as I've been working through it, I've noticed a bit of an odd problem. Specifically in the practice exercises when I'm asked to translate/answer a question from English into/in Finnish, I tend to really struggle with it. However, if I re-write the English question into Japanese, the Finnish answer comes much more naturally. 

Is there any particular reason for this, do you guys know? I'm definitely a baby language-studier and google has not been precise in answering this question. >|

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