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Mandarin Question

I currently work on a college campus coffee shop. We have a lot of Chinese students on our campus. I love to talk to them in Mandarin. But what I would really like to do is help them place orders in their native tongue.
How do you say the following:
  1. Caramel
  2. Macchiato
  3. Frappuccino (Blended Coffee Drink)
  4. Mocha (do you just say 巧克力 (qiao ke li)?)
  5. Macchiato
  6. Pastry
Then how do you properly translate:
  1. What size?
  2. Excuse me  or Next! ( do you say 不好意思? (bu hao yi si))
  3. Do you want your receipt?
  4. You order will be picked up over there.
  5. Hope to see you soon. (do you say 希望不久能见到你 (xi wang bu jiu neng jian dao ni))

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