Ree (triskellion) wrote in linguaphiles,

A request for German and Yiddish speakers speakers

I'm working on a story with a German character. He's a 200 odd year old vampire, of Jewish origin, so he also speaks Yiddish I'm sure. He has, in my head, a penchant for nicknames, and I want the nicknames to be accurate to his languages rather than loose translations of the English terms I keep thinking of. I know that every language has its own slang and the kind of names I think I want fall into the slang range.

So, I'm looking for terms one might use as nicknames in two ranges. For one character, I'm looking for names that imply smallness and have connections to plants. English equivalents would be "Sprout" or "Seedling". For the other character, I want names that are a bit derogatory, implying youth and ownership primarily. English equivalents could be "pet", "whelp", and "puppy". But I'd also like one positive one, similar to "love" or "my love".

Anyone who has suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I appreciate all help. Thanks.

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