Gary, Gary, he's our man ! (garyfuckingoak) wrote in linguaphiles,
Gary, Gary, he's our man !

German 'r'.

I've noticed that I'm pretty terrible at doing a proper German 'r' sound most of the time- it sounds like I'm choking. I know, though, that it's definitely not supposed to sound like an English r, so I've gotten into the habit of rolling them, as if I'm speaking Spanish. For me, it makes my sentences flow better, because I'm not pausing in the middle of a word to try to form the correct r sound, but I wonder if it just sounds silly to native German speakers. I don't want people to think I'm trying to emulate Till from Rammstein, because that is definitely not my intent, it's just that I can rarely make the correct sound, so I go with the next best thing.

Basically, I'm just asking for input from native German speakers on how you would perceive the rolling r; how does it sound to your ears?

{Sorry in advance if this makes very little sense. I'm terrible at putting my thoughts into words.}
Tags: german

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