Targaff (targaff) wrote in linguaphiles,

Inspired by ouranopolis' recent post, which handily reminded me that instead of scratching my head for hours on end as I pore over Google Maps at the highest zoom level in the hope of a miracle there's a much better readily available resource right here that might be able to help...

Is anyone able to assist in positively identifying the town/village shown in this image? It's an extract from a genealogical record, but the handwriting appears to say "Gelsheim", which doesn't seem to exist in the Palatinate. The closest I've found to a possible hit is Gelchsheim in Würzburg, but I don't see that as being what's written here (although I do note that this was written some 30 years or so after the person in question left the area, so I guess it's possible they either forgot or attempted to anglicise the spelling).

Any input, be it affirmation or otherwise, would be much appreciated.

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