Технік-радіольщик Мокроголовенко (hector_von_kyiv) wrote in linguaphiles,
Технік-радіольщик Мокроголовенко

light on Maple

Urgent help needed on the following dialog from "Modern Family" series.

Mitchell: Oh, this is insane. Buying a shirt is not a kiss-worthy moment.
Cameron: Oh, I didn’t know there was an official list. Please tell us, what is on the list?
Mitchell: I’ll tell you what is not on the list: finding jalapeno-stuffed olives, making the light on Maple, every time we see a VW

What is that "light on Maple" thing? I can't google for anything coherent to that effect.

Thanks in advance.

UPD: Understood. I really appreciate everyone's help.

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