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Norwegian Dialects

I'm learning Norwegian, both nynorsk and bokmål, and would really like some suggestions for reference books on the history of the dialects as well as online dictionaries. I have three Norwegian friends, one of whom speaks nynorsk, but they mostly use Google Translate and TriTrans. Does anyone have a more comprehensive online dictionary for Norwegian, especially nynorsk?

I also have some questions about the two dialects and their mutual intelligibility. Google Translate recognizes nynorsk and bokmål when translating from Norwegian to English, but only offers up bokmål when translated the other way. Is there a general rule for the spelling differences? I noticed some differences (ikkje ikke, skjønar skjønner, eg jeg), but I'd like to know whether those are indicative of broad spelling differences or just apply to those words. What is the general opinion of nynorsk among bokmål speakers? I know nynorsk is in the minority, but do bokmål speakers look down on or resent nynorsk speakers? How different are the pronunciations between nynorsk and bokmål? I know this might be a very small group of people who know, but does Norwegian grammar more resemble English or German grammar?

Also, is there a Norwegian word for Ebonics/AAVE?

Tags: dialects, norwegian

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