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Learning Japanese

My daughter has started to learn Japanese -- a Connecticut "magnet" school that teaches it from kindergarten, which is a post in itself. The marvellous thing is, they're teaching to kids the way kids learn. But that's also frustrating for those of us grownups who want to follow along. For example, the 4yo has simply accepted that there are several words for the same number -- that's just the way it is. The grownup in me wants to know WHY.

A longer term concern is that I want to make sure I don't learn how to speak Japanese like a child -- I know from this list that Japanese has big differences depending on who is speaking to whom. And I've made the equivalent mistake in French already -- I forgot to switch from "vous" to "tu" when first addressing my French friend's 8 year old niece. (She giggled helplessly until her mother explained.)

When I went looking for resources, it was overwhelming. I have no basis for comparison -- but I know this list has expertise. Could those of you who have learned Japanese as an adult point me to your particular favorite text and/or internet resource? I do have a Japanese co-worker I can go to for pronunciation help, if a particular text without audio is otherwise a favorite.

For anyone who's curious about me, my language background is American English with enough French to get by, an embarassing lack of Italian & Russian considering how long I studied, and a recent start at teaching myself Danish.

Thanks everyone!

[Edit: That should be enough resources to keep me busy for quite some time. I love this community. Thanks all!]
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