Alisa I. Didkovsky (pteropusvenom) wrote in linguaphiles,
Alisa I. Didkovsky

Hello again. Question on Ukrainian~

How do you use "чи"?

My book doesn't explain it at all. I've asked penpals before, when I had them, and they didn't quite know either. They just said "that's how it is". But this concept, without understanding its reason, is hard for me to remember then.

I've also just now seen it in a phrase as this: "чи то літо, чи то зима" — but here it seems to be as "either summer or winter"? "be it summer, be it winter".

I have no idea. I've seen it used in questions, which equate to English "are", such as "чи ти спиш? (are you sleeping?)". But then that other phrase throws me right back off.

Help? Anyone? :)

Великі спасибі за допомога.

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