Morgan D. (morgan_d) wrote in linguaphiles,
Morgan D.

Translation from Bureaucratese to Easy English?

I'm having trouble understanding the last phrase in the following text:

"Standard Chartered Bank is proactively moving toward applying the same management rigor to their sustainability (CSR) programs as they do to the rest of the business. For volunteering, that includes setting targets, collecting data and comparing results. Making data visible results in recognition for countries with high numbers and added encouragement for companies with low numbers. The “executive sponsor” of volunteering, designated by the CEO, has set a target of an average of 0.7 days per year per person of volunteering for those units that report up to him. Monthly meetings of his direct reports include current volunteer numbers."

What does "direct reports" mean here? Is this about a number of volunteers being included in monthly meetings? Or is it that the number of current volunteers being discussed in reports in monthly meetings? Or something else altogether? Could any of you please reword the phrase in a different way? I'm really lost.

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