a normal man running (dontbeakakke) wrote in linguaphiles,
a normal man running

Turkish Resources

To all Turkish learners and speakers:

Can you recommend a good comprehensive reference grammar of Turkish, and also a good self-study course? I have the Rosetta Stone Turkish levels 1 - 3, but I find this works best as a reinforcement to other methods of learning and not as a stand-alone tool! (Actually I think of it as a very expensive, very boring computer game... fortunately I did not have to pay for it myself!)

Also I am trying to find the Pimsleur CDs through my public libraries, but have hit a bit of a block. These are really good when you're first starting as far as pronunciation and basic phrases are concerned, so if anyone has them and would like to swap for Mandarin, I could make that happen.

Thanks a lot. Teşekkurler!

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