Arin Wolfe (arinwolfe) wrote in linguaphiles,
Arin Wolfe

Invented languages and names.

I'm working on a piece with many non-human cultures and i'm trying to make a word sound a certain way without falling victim to the "use more 'apostrophes" they will make it look alien" school. I'm also trying to make my names sound right in roughly american english.


As it stands my characters names are written Ha' toth-na'rok and Ikiri. the way i'd like them to sound to the reader would be:

and Ha(short asparted pause) toth-Naa Roke

ee- key-ree

I'm very loosely using hawaiian rules for the 'Okina at this point but its not quite right, i know. Does anyone have any suggestions?

For reference:
Ha is an honorific/title (think like the Japanese -San) Na denotes rank and rok denotes military caste. Akin to saying Sir Toth Major of the United States Marine Corps.

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