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Interview Project Germany, introduced by David Lynch

This is a fascinating project I've stumbled across. It's a series of interviews with 50 random Germans that the interview team met during their roadtrip that criss-crossed the country. David Lynch got involved because his son is one of the directors/editors.

What I've seen so far I've really enjoyed. People talk about their life, about how they feel about death and a possible afterlife, about life-changing events. There is a wide range of accents (anything from Mecklenburger Platt to Bavarian), ages and backgrounds. Some of it is quite touching.

To make following along easier, there are subtitles in English, accessible via a button on the bottom right of the video frame. I would say that bits of the subtitles are slightly dodgy - I certainly wouldn't translate 'Baeckergeselle' as 'assistant', but hey. They will certainly help you follow along if you are trying to get your ear in with some real, everyday spoken German. The backgrounds are as real as real can be, they just sat people on a folding chair wherever they met them and got them talking.

Plus, David Lynch. And his mad hair. Like, whoa. ;-)

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