babblebox19 (babblebox19) wrote in linguaphiles,

Spanish and Russian at the same time?

I am a freshman just starting out on my foreign language degree...and i have time to decide where im going with my core classes in my way, but i was wanting some advice. I know the languages i enjoy and want to pursue are Spanish and Russian, and i may be overly eager to process them and want to use them practically but would you recommend learning them both at the same time once i get to take the actual language classes? I have a decent base on Spanish already i use it everyday and have a lot of it concrete in my mind, and i believe they are far enough apart to keep me from getting too slowed down, but would i retain them well simultaneously? My russian is very little to almost none, i am working on learning to recognize cyrillic just as a side hobby at the moment though....appreciate it :)

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