Kate Green Zombie Shooter (karcy) wrote in linguaphiles,
Kate Green Zombie Shooter

Am I just imagining an 'American' accent?

I've been listening to some music by the Irish band The Script, and one of the things that struck me about this band is that they sound American. Here's the thing though: I'm not sure why.

I'm not sure if this is going to offend anyone here, but I'll just go ahead and ask: I've been listening to some Britrock and my ears are starting to catch some of the accents in the vocalists. When it comes to singing, I find that generally singers lose their speaking accent and end up using a more generic 'singing' accent, but I can still more or less detect the influence of regional accents affecting the pronunciation of some words in some songs.

With The Script, it almost feels as though the singer isn't just dropping the regional accent for a 'generic singing' accent, but putting on an American one. The vowels feel more pronounced, more stretched. Ireland isn't the United Kingdom, so I wonder if I'm conflating the singing styles of British bands with Irish bands. Maybe it's just more common for Irish bands to stretch their vowels when singing?

The song that I am listening to is Science and Faith (Youtube video). You can catch video interviews of the band on the MTV website here. In their interviews the Irish accent is still distinct.

Was the vocalist from The Script trying to imitate an American accent? If so, what region's accent is his singing pronunciation most like?

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